Beth Amine Belly Dance Section headerI love this ancient dance where the geometry of the circular, the cyclic, the orbit and the infinite are combined with the rhythm of life and made visible through the human body.Beth Amine belly dance instructor and performer in Santa Barbara, Southern California

Belly Dance is the oldest recorded form of dance, seen in the tomb paintings in ancient Egypt. Its origins are much earlier still, in the ancient feminine dance from the early cultures of what is now the Middle East. Its circular movements reflects the cycles of nature and human experience, and the movement of the spheres.

Belly Dance was brought to the United States at the turn of the century at the World's Fair, creating quite a stir in Victorian America. Styles evolved worldwide combining influences of Hollywood movies and ethnic movements. American Belly Dancers have been creating a new form for decades, using tribal, nightclub and modern dance movements to create a unique hybrid style. What still remains is the dance's ability to release spirit, connect the mind to the body, and provide a form for both fun and deep expression.

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