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belly dance performances by Beth Amine

Beth will entertain at your party or benefit. She has mesmerized and enlivened crowds at The Plaka, The Greek, Ths Sabra Cafe, Chef Karims, Moon Angel and many events. Please contact her directly for prices and booking.

Beth first saw belly dancing as a child growing up in multi-cultural Los Angeles. She was exposed then to a wide variety of music, including that of the Middle East. She began studying belly dancing in Santa Barbara and started performing almost immediately at Baudelaire's and Borsodi's, the classic dance and music Clubs of the Seventies. She has continued performing and teaching nationally ever since. Her credits include ten years at the Plaka Restaurant in Santa Barbara, The P’Tit Cabaret, Moon Angel,Chef Karim’s as well as many parties, weddings, benefits, and events. Beth believes that Belly Dancing is both an ancient and contemporary remarkable form of self-expression and group fun

Beth and Lesa's Belly Dance Bash at The Wildcat Lounge (15 W. Ortega St.), 7:30 pm. Cover $5
Featuring Local Talent and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance artists, traveling here from all over California!

Don't forget Beth is available for private holiday parties in a
variety of styles or add belly dance instruction to your party performance!

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